President Message

Ozeki Sake (U.S.A.) Inc was established in Hollister, San Benito County, California on 21 May 1979.

We are the first sake manufacturer in America.

We carefully source water and the rice that we polish is harvested in the mild climate of California.  We use Koji mold and Sake yeast, which are essential microorganism in the fermentation of sake, as well as the brewing technology we inherited from our founders and brewing specialists.

You can see our outdoor fermentation tank around my photograph.  Koji mold and Sake yeast are working together right now inside this tank.  If you cup your ear to fermentation tank, you can almost hear the popping of the bubbles created during this fermentation process.

Our products are enjoyed by our customers throughout America and worldwide.

Thanks to your continuous support, in 2019 we celebrated our 40th anniversary.

We believe the sake market, in close connection with the Japanese culinary culture, will expand further globally.  At Ozeki Sake (U.S.A.) Inc, we are committed to ensure your utmost satisfaction with our products.

Thank you very much for your loyal patronage.  We look forward to your continuous support in the future.