Ozeki Komo Taru (Cask)

Ozeki Komo Taru (Cask)
Brewed Fresh in California

Ozeki Sake Item Profile

  • Type: Junmai
  • Flavor: Well-balanced
  • Characteristics: Komo Taru refers to a large sake cask covered with the fabric made of straws. In old days these sake casks were used to transport sake from the Western Japan to the Eastern Japan by sea. The lid of the cask is called Kagami in Japanese, and breaking it open (Kagami Biraki) is thought to bring a good luck and happiness. This ritual is often performed in special ceremonies in Japan, and after the lid is broken, the sake inside is offered to the guests to share the good fortune. Ozeki Komo Taru 1.5L is a miniature version of the sake cask, and it's perfect for a gift or a home decoration item.
  • Sake Meter Value: +4
  • Alcohol: 16%
  • Acidity: 1.6
  • Polish Rate: 70%
  • Food Pairing: Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Pickle, Grilled Fish, Salty Food, BBQ
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